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Default Re: Original Input File Name Path

Thanks for that information. However, I'm still a bit confused as to exactly what workflow you're using. You say the job is "sent to the API server", which implies FP VDP Server (API), but you also say, "it's sent to a producer server," which implies FP VDP Producer, a completely different product. Can you elaborate a bit on exactly what you do (i.e. what you click on) to "send" the job? Sorry to be picky, but I need to nail this down, because what I suggest as a solution would be different depending on your product and workflow.

Also, I'm a bit fuzzy about exactly what is in your DEF file that you're trying to extract. Can you post the full <DataSource > section of your DEF file (the first 15 lines or so)?

In addition, can you supply the context of the rule that's calling the JavaScript function you posted? Specifically, what are you passing to it as the template_name parameter?

Or, the questions in my previous two paragraphs can be answered by posting the collected job (without the fonts).

As for wanting to know the PDF template file path, that also depends on the workflow. There is definitely a way to retrieve that in a FusionPro Server workflow, but it's harder with Producer. If you can elaborate on what you are trying to do with the template file path, that would be helpful as well.

I can tell you, at least in a general/philosophical sense, that FusionPro is not designed to rely on knowing either the names or paths of any of the files you mention. You can have a perfectly valid FusionPro job that has no input data file at all, with the "None" input option, or a job that uses an abstract ODBC data source. Likewise, you can have a perfectly valid FusionPro job with no "background" or "template" PDF file at all. For that matter, with FP Server, you don't even technically need a Data Definition file, as the older DL Formatter product which was the precursor to FusionPro didn't even have that concept, and just did a more basic data merge, without any rules, using a tagged markup data file, a DIF file, and a CFG file.

Furthermore, FusionPro is designed so that most jobs can be transferred, collected, and composed on any computer anywhere, even with swapping in new data, in generic workflows which don't rely upon specific file paths or naming conventions. It's also designed with custom workflows and applications in mind, especially with FP Server, where other apps can customize almost any aspect of a FusionPro job. Following on that, while you can write rules which do things based on file paths, it's hard for us to anticipate every possible such workflow. Therefore, we can't support everything under the sun without some custom programming, and that kind of programming is often more appropriately done outside of FusionPro, in another application which handles its own business logic to modify the data, and possibly the layout (via the DIF API), then invokes FusionPro with those parameters, rather than putting that kind of business logic into JavaScript rules in a FusionPro template. Whether your requirements fall into that category is not yet completely clear to me, but it sounds like you're heading in that direction.
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