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Default Re: Location of Email field based on CopyFit

Hi Dan,

I like your first idea - moving all of the text from the left frame to the right frame. However in my scenario, I only want to move one FIELD (Email Address) from the left text frame to the right text frame.

So, I tried out your second idea:

1. Create 2 left text boxes and 2 right text boxes

2. OnRecordStart, suppress TextBoxLeftAlt and the TextBoxRightAlt

3. OnCopyfit, if things don't fit in TextBoxLeft, suppress the nominal frames and show the alternate ones

I am pretty sure I did this correctly, but when I preview the template in Acrobat, I see the content in all 4 frames.

The TextBoxLeft text box has the solid red line at the bottom (the visual indicator that the text is not fitting), so I would have expected the two nominal boxes to be suppressed. But they're not.

Any ideas?
Eric Carbone
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