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Default Re: Issue with OnNewOutPutFile Callback Rule

(Originally from user Dsweet)

It also works on my computer (desktop version only), but not on our server via a command line. That's my problem -- I don't want to process 100,000 or more records at a time using my desktop alone. This small process took about 15 seconds to do 26 records. Image how long it would take to do the full 100,000! That would be over 16 hours to do this on my desktop - assuming a constant process speed and that the actual pdf files won't be any bigger than the sample files of 140k. A full day of time that I lost since I can't use the FusionPro server version for this. I'm assuming that it would compose faster on server, as well as the facts that being on server we could automate the process and it wouldn't tie up my computer and time for the full day.

I'm beginning to wonder why we purchased the server version at all if it doesn't function in the same manner as the desktop version does. It seems that we might have done just as good to purchase several standalone software packages and just linked them to several computers to do the processing. [IMG]file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/rdomaschuk/Desktop/DeleteMe/thread/showthread.php_files/frown.gif[/IMG]
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