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  1. Hello Dan: Many thanks for your immediate reply and insight into this topic. It seems to me that the using an xdf file would help me solve this. I will give it a try. Regards. Milind Vaze.
  2. Hello: We have to daily print multiple files of address labels with barcodes. Each A4 sheet has 21 labels. Data is taken from separate excel files. The barcode required is 3 of 9 HR. Before the generating the print file will it be possible to have kind of a a pop-up window wherein for each file we can manually enter the starting number for the barcode series? With regards. Milind Vaze.
  3. Hello and wishing all a Happy New Year. Many thanks for your replies and help. I am presently on leave. After I am back I will work on the solutions given by all and reply. Regards. Milind Vaze.
  4. Hello: Formula in excel is available to generate the check digit for 3 of 9 barcode. Can this formula be converted for use in javascript to generate the barcode data (including prefix, check digit and suffix)? Thanks with regards. Milind Vaze
  5. Hello: In address labels - we have to insert a 3 of 9 barcode (human readable) with check digit. Client has told us to start barcode number series beginnning with 200,00,000. Printing has to be done daily lots with barcode numbering continuing from the earlier lot. Each barcode has to have 13 characters: First 2 characters - alphabets 'EA' Next 8 characters - number digits Next 1 character - check digit Next 2 characters - alphabets 'IN' Other fields for address details are in Excel format. Please guide. Regards. Milind Vaze.
  6. Hello Dan: When I wrote 'through normal FusioPro usage my requirement cannot be done' I only meant - that the way I understood from that thread, I could not get my work done via any of the options available in composition settings for output OR was I missing out on any of the options available in the composition menu? It was not my intention to comment on the capabilities of FusionPro. I don't know it well know enough to do that. Regrets if I have created any other impression. Will try out some of the other options you have suggested. Thanks. Milind Vaze
  7. Hello: Regarding my yesterday's quote: After posting this query I saw Dan's reply to: multiple open output streams JorgeP October 6th, 2014 07:44 PM by JorgeP From this reply it seems that through normal Fusion Pro usage, my requirement cannot be done. I was trying to do this through a rule based on 'OnPageCount' but was getting errors. If this works I could output files for page count 1, then change the rule, and output files for page count 2 and so on. Will this be possible? Regards Milind.
  8. Hello: I have to print multipage statements. For some statements data will cover only 1 page and some will cover more than 1 page i.e. 2, 3, 4, 5 .... I would like to compose: Separate pdf for all 1 page statements Separate pdf for all 2 page statements Separate pdf for all 3 page statements and so on OR compose a separate pdf for each statement, so that I can sort the file size and print the 1 pagers first, 2 pagers next, 3 pagers after that This has a major impact on the post printing operations. Please let me know about this. OR if you have any other solution for this requirement. Regards. Milind Vaze.
  9. Hello Dan: Many thanks for your guidance. On prepending the appropriate <p> tags to the cell contents, I got the alignment of columns as required. Regards. Milind Vaze.
  10. I have a problem similar to this query and I tried your suggestion. If I prepend a <p> tag to the cell contents and set the "quad" attribute, the alignment gets changed for all following data. How do I restrict it only for that cell OR I would like to have right alignment of text only for column 4 out of 5 columns. Please let me know. Milind Vaze.
  11. Hello: I am new to Fusion Pro. I need to print financial transaction statement/s. - Transaction statement is in table format - Each transaction consists of 1-4 lines - Each statement consists of varying number of pages - There are two types of table formats in each statement. The second format of the table starts when the data for the first format is filled up. - The data received from the client is in a text file format generated for a dot matrix printer. - From the prn file, with visual basic we are extracting the data. - For tabular statement printing, should we extract the data and save it in delimited format OR tagged format? - I HAVE ATTACHED A SAMPLE FILE CONTAINING THE DATA. Can anyone let me know - the best way to do the above? Thanks with regards. Milind Vaze Text.txt
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