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  1. I am trying to create a rule the if the "Website" character count is over 18, then do not fill. Then I would need a rule for "OverflowWebsite" character count is over 18, then fill. Or if they could be combined into one; where as: if the "Website" character count is over 18, then fill "OverflowWebsite", else fill "Website". Any ideas?
  2. Dan, So sorry for not getting back with you on this. It works perfectly. I didn't know it would do that. Thanks so much for the tip.
  3. I need to add a Phone format rule to an existing phone rule. if (Field("Phone3")!="") return Field("Phone2"); if (Field("Phone2")=="") return Field("Phone1"); else return (""); I need to add the formatting to this rule so that it comes out as: (***) ***-***x for Phone 1
  4. It would be a nightmare going through all of the Iforms and making the change to &amp. The second solution works great, using: return "<uppercase>" + TaggedDataField(Var1) + "</uppercase>";Thanks guys.
  5. Could someone help with adding an exception to the canned "AllCaps" rule that basically ignores the "Ampersand" character. The rule generally works great in PrintFusion, but when template is uploaded to Printable, the "&" disappears. Thanks much. var Var1 = "MemberCompany"; var CaseSelection = "allcaps"; if(CaseSelection == "allcaps") return ToUpper(Field(Var1)); if(CaseSelection == "smallcaps") return "<smallcap>" + Field(Var1) + "</smallcap>"; if(CaseSelection == "propercase") return ToTitleCase(Field(Var1)); if(CaseSelection == "lowercase") return ToLower(Field(Var1));
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