View Full Version : Continuous page count

June 29th, 2011, 11:21 AM
We have a variable product where each record of the customers file creates a book. The output is postscript and all the books are combined as one file. We need to continuously number the pages in the whole file from 1 to whatever the last page of the file is.

Basically, I need a rule that counts total pages of an output file, not just of an individual record.

any ideas?

also, this template creates the same number of pages for each record, so if the first book has 50 pages, so do the rest. And if the first book has 52 pages, so do the rest. I thought we might could use that in creating the rule. I think the formula should be something like:
[(record number -1) X page count] + page number == running page number

I just don't know how to script that.