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Padding the space between two columns


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I need to arrange a number of fields into two columns, the one column left justified and the other right justified and then pad the space in between with periods, kind of like a table of contents, for instance:


Value 1.............................Value 2

Longer Value 1.........Longer Value 2

V1.........................Longer Value 2


Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to get the right number of periods stuck in between the variables in each column?

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In the text frame where the data is being interted, there's a Tabs button. Add a tab stop where you want the right edge of the second column to be, and set the alignment to right. Set the alignment in the text frame itself to Left justify, and that should do it.


In my case, I had a rule that generated the text in the two columns. I set it up to insert "Column 1 Data<t>Column 2 Data" and I used the leader box to insert the periods, but you'd just want to leave that blank. Hope that helps!

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