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Login changes?

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"Printable Technologies is planning to introduce a new 'Forgot Password' feature to all 6.x Stores. This new feature will allow your customers to reset their passwords without your administrative intervention. We believe that this will be a great improvement to Printable 6.x Storefronts, and we hope that it will make your job a little easier."


In theory, this is a great update that should save us time with customers that cannot remember their password. However - I am building quite a large new store, & have been adding user IDs/groups as I build the group-specific items.

The url for this new store has been 'leaked' to the majority of customers, as we believed to be rolling out this store earlier this year. The problem then lies in that the user IDs are the same as we have been using for their old "store", but the password is different. Our intent was to give the new password to the customer when we are ready for them to be using the new store. I am concerned that customers with the URL for the new store will be able to go through the steps for "Forgot Password" & be able to order from a store that is not fully finished, & does not have accurate pricing.


The only work-around I can think of is to inactivate all the users, & re-activate them later... would it make sense to do this? [And can it be done efficiently with bulk ops?] Can you see it posing problems in the future by doing it this way? & for adding new customers until we are ready for orders... Should I just add them via bulk-ops, but flag them as "inactive"?

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Hello snurmela!


The new Forgot Password will be a feature that can be turned on or off by you, the Printable Admin, so I don't think you will need to worry about this particular scenario. You can just make sure that the feature is off until you are ready to go live.


Thank you,


Audra McKay


Printable Technologies, Inc.

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Hello Snurmela,


This feature will be off by default so there will be nothing that you will need to do - your stores will function just as they do today and will not have this feature enabled.


Just an FYI that "Forgot password" will be implemented with security question capability. Once you optionally enable this capability for your Store, all users who then login to that store will be directed to a screen to select their security question and supply an answer.


We've already received some great feedback from customers who are anxious to see this in production. If anyone has any questions about this, feel free to post them here.

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