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Did the install Path change for FP 13?


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tl;dr: Look in "/Library/Preferences/PTI/FusionPro".


Yes, the locations of some installed files did change between FP versions 12 and 13.


The main installation location on Mac has not changed: it's still the folder /Applications/PTI/FusionPro, where the FusionPro app and others are located. (On Windows, this is still "C:\Program Files\PTI\FusionPro" by default, though this can be changed by the user at install time.)


But the locations of other files have changed, including some files which are meant to be either user-editable or updatable after installation by non-admin users. Specifically, many of the files which used to be in /Library/Application Support/PTI/FusionPro are now located in /Library/Preferences/PTI/FusionPro. This includes the startup.js file, the RuleTemplates.English.js and other language-specific files, and the subfolder Plug-ins/TemplateXML.


As usual, I don't recommend modifying any .js files other than startup.js and RuleTemplate.English.js et al, nor modifying any of the installed .xml files, though you can add your own.

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