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Variable Versions with different variable images


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Looking for some guidance on whether something is possible or not.


I have a list of 20 different cards with various quantities (quantities are in a datafile). These cards get a different "fact" which there are 55 different pdfs—have another datafile that is a list of all the facts which reference the pdf files.


Ex: Card quantities

Card 1: 150

Card 2: 625

Card 3: 825, etc...


Card 1 would run through facts 1-55 then start over at 1 until all 150 cards were output then Card 2 Would pick up wherever Card 1 left off.


Is there a way to iterate the card quantities while also running through the "facts" as variable images?

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Yes, this is definitely possible. I would repeat each record by the card quantity, set the page usage to turn on just the card you want for that repeated record, then use the repeat number to call out the "fact" for each one.


How to code this up is very closely tied to exactly how your files are set up.

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