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Same address grouped into one envelope


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hello all, 1st post, so thanks for help advance.

I am doing a mailing, data file has addresses for recipients. normally not an issue I do this type of mailing with no problems, but here is my challenge.


Some of recipients have the same mailing address and I would like to group them into one package (envelope). I am using 3of9 barcoding. How would I group the same addresses into one package (envelope) and have the barcode reflect the correct page count?


This is the rule I use for my barcode now:


var myHex = Number(FusionPro.Composition.totalPages/2).toString(16);

paddedHex = Right("00" + myHex,2);

// Say we have 260 pages. We do not want the barcode to say insert 5.

if (Number(FusionPro.Composition.totalPages/2)>255) {

paddedHex = "FF";


finalHex = ToUpper("*" + paddedHex + "*");

return finalHex;


So I guess I am looking for a rule or Java script to do grouping and barcoding.


Thanks much for any and all help.

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Can you post an example of the data, and whatever you have so far for a FusionPro template, along with a mockup of what the output should be? I don't think there's enough information (at least not for me) to be able to answer the question.
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