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FP Server concurrent usages


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Is the maximum number of concurrent usages of FusionPro 10 Server something that is tied to your license or is it a configuration that can be adjusted? I vaguely recall it being a configuration in earlier versions of FP but I can't find it anywhere in FP10.


I have two different Windows 2012 servers set up with FusionPro VDP Producer (API) 10.0.3:

Server 1: 8GB RAM;  2.30GHz CPU; 4 (virtual) processors - allows only 1 composition
Server 2: 16GB RAM; 2.30GHz CPU; 8 (virtual) processors - allows 3 concurrent compositions


I'm not sure the specs of our FusionPro 9 servers but we used to be able to get 16 concurrent compositions per server. Needless to say, this is shift is somewhat crippling. Any ideas on what I'm missing?

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