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Ampersand Changes


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Customers are using our new business card template (uploaded and configured on WebCRD) and in one of the fields (title), many of them are adding and ampersand '&' but it changes to "amp;" instead of just "&".


I've read some threads about some scripts that people have been using, but this is just an open form field for us. I've also turned off the check box limiting FusionPro to MacRoman characters, but that didn't help either.


Anyone else run into this before?

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This kind of question is hard to answer in the abstract, without seeing the job files. And I'm not sure exactly what you mean by an "open form field."


The real question is, what kind of data file is WebCRD generating for FusionPro? Presumably, it's a tagged markup data file, where certain characters like < and & and " have to be replaced with entities, so that they don't get mistaken for tags. Also, I'll bet that the output is actually coming from a rule that's applied to the data, rather than the data field being typeset directly into a text frame.


So in your rules, you probably want to use the TaggedDataField function instead of Field, and then check the "Treat returned strings as tagged text" box.

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