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I need to change my email and this site won't let me. I've sent several requests regarding this issue thru the "Contact Us" option located at the bottom of the web page. I feel like Daffy Duck standing alone on stage and hearing the sound of crickets!!
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We're working on getting emails via the "Contact Us" link working.


In the meantime, you should be able to click on "My Settings" near the top left of any page, then under "Your Control Panel" on the left, click on "Edit Email & Password", then you can enter a new email address.

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That's what I've been trying to do, but it keeps telling me that due to spam from the gmail.com domain my email address isn't allowed and to try another address. I then try my only other address and I then get the same message.

Please contact Support with the exact email you're trying to register. Or send me a PM.

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