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Background Sheet does not show in Output file

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After making a Background Sheet for a specific Job I tried to compose the job several times but did not succeed. The Background is just not visible in the output file.

In OnJobStart I have placed the following code:


FusionPro.Composition.impositionSheetBackgroundFrontPage = "BackgroundDekbladen";

FusionPro.Composition.chunksBreakStacks = true;

FusionPro.Composition.forcePreprocessing = true;


The background sheet is a single sided pdf with the same size as the output file.


I can't figure out what I am doing wrong here


Any help is much appreciated.

Greetings from the Netherlands

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Yes, I am using Inposition. The problem is that I saved the template file as a "normal" pdf file outside the pdf I was working with. In the User Manual it stated that I could make the Background fils as a template file so I did just that... But it never occurred to me I had to actually place this page together with the variable master page as a separate page inside the same pdf-file. AND really make it a Template page with FusionPro / Manage Pages / Insert Page / Type / Template. So this first time I used a background page for the imposition was a good learning experience. After making the necessary changes it worked flawless, even with variable text elements inside that template page.

Thanks again Dan for your good advice.

Greetings from the Netherlands

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