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Pick list with an "other" option?


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It seems like a simple thing so I assume I'm just spacing...


I am creating a document that will have 5 possible bullet points, each of which has 4 predefined options and an "other" option. If they choose other, they could then type in new text.


So what I'd like to do is create a picklist with the 4 items and then other where if they choose other, text entered in a field below called "If Other" would be substituted. Thoughts on how best to do that?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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As I asked and suggested on the other thread:

Are you using the Define HTML Form (Web DataCollect) feature? It doesn't have the capacity to show a "combo" box with both a drop-down list and a free-form edit box. I would make a pick list item called "Other" and have an edit box whose value gets used when "Other" is selected in the pick list.

In this case, where you have multiple "other" choices, you could have a series of rules like this:

if (Field("Bullet1") == "Other")
   return Field("Bullet1Other");
return Field("Bullet1");


return (Field("Bullet1") != "Other") ? Field("Bullet1") : Field("Bullet1Other");

Then you could have five copies of that rule. But that's a bit unwieldy. It's probably better to do it all in one shot in OnRecordStart, like so:

for (var i = 1; i <= 5; i++)
   FusionPro.Composition.AddVariable("Bullet" + i, (Field("Bullet" + i) != "Other") ? Field("Bullet" + i) : Field("Bullet" + i + "Other"));

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