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Change color of graphic & text frames


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Hi there,


I have some frames that I'd like to change the fill color based on a field.


I can see there's a drag & drop rule for changing the text color based on a field, but I can't see how I could change the fill color of the frame itself based on a field or be clear if there's nothing in the field.


I have some frames that are graphic and some frames that are text. Now that I think about it, I could make the graphic frames text (these particular graphic frames are there just for fill color or not) if that works better.


Is there a simple way to do this? For a noob? :D




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If you name your frame, you can access them with FindTextFrame or FindGraphicFrame in the OnRecordStart callback rule, and modify their properties, including the border and fill colors, and you can even suppress the frames completely.


For example:

// OnRecordStart
var myFrame = FindTextFrame("YourFrameName");
// or: 
var myFrame = FindGraphicFrame("YourFrameName");
// change color:
myFrame.fillColorName = "red";
// or hide completely:
myFrame.suppress = true;

To see all of the properties of frames that can be modified in rules, please refer to the Building Blocks dialog, on the Objects tab, under Frames, or the

sections "FusionProFrame Attributes", "FusionProTextFrame Object", and "FusionProGraphicFrame Object" in the FusionPro Rules Guide. There are also more examples in the section "Modifying Frames During Composition" in the FusionPro User Guide.

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