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Special number.


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I am going to run a job 3-up on a sheet. I need to number each of the first 3 records on sheet 1 with a 1, the next 3 on sheet 2 with a 2, and so on. I tried to use the CallBackPageCount and CallBackPageNumber, but both just give me a 1 on all records. Can anyone help?
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The first solution literally just prints the text,$impositionsheetnumber. (I did omit the quotes)

You need to type or paste it into the Variable drop-down box in the Text Editor and click Insert, not just paste it into the main text area.

TThe second solution gives me an error that the Function does not return a value.

In the Rule Editor? Many of the properties of FusionPro.Composition don't have valid values at rule validation time. Try composing the output; it will work at composition time.

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