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imposition files - multiple pages, multiple sizes


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I created a FusionPro template with multiple pages:


Page 1 is 18" x 24"

Page 2 is 11" x 17"

Page 3 is 8.5" x 11"

Page 4 is 8" x 8"

Page 5 is 6" x 4"


This template has been published to the web, and we have received several orders.


However, when we try to process the orders through the printable Dashboard, we get an error 'No Imposition Templates Defined'


I know how to fix this - I simply create an upload an imposition tempalte.


However... IS IT POSSIBLE to create an imposition template with MULTIPLE PAGES? And can each page be a different size?


So in other words, page one of my imposition template is 18.25" x 24.25", page two is 11.25" x 17.25", etc.

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Unfortunately you cannot do that with FusionPro Imposer, create an imposition with different sized pages for each page of the document. Although you still need to apply a default imposition on the configuration tab, in order to process the Job Ticket and receive the "One-up" non imposed version of the file. Hence the warning you received. The imposition you assign, does not even need to be relevant to the document, meaning you can use any FPI file you are using for any other template.


Hope this helps.

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