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Legacy Line Leading


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"Legacy line leading" refers to the default leading used by FusionPro, and its predecessors, prior to version 3.1. In FusionPro 3.1 and later, it's a backwards-compatibility mode for older jobs, but new jobs should use the "new" leading.


There are two main differences between the old "legacy" leading and new-style leading.


The first difference is how point size changes affect leading in absolute-leading mode. In legacy leading, all point size changes would change the leading as well; basically, auto-leading was always in effect. The Variable Text Editor would work around this by outputting extra leading tags after point-size changes to maintain the absolute leading in effect. However, other point-size tags, such as from rules, could break absolute leading. This is why the CopyfitLine function does not work well with legacy leading in absolute-leading mode, because the point-size changes affect the leading.


The second difference is in how leading itself is calculated and applied. In legacy leading, leading was the distance between descender lines. In the new leading, it's the distance between baselines. You won't notice the difference if the leading in a flow is all the same size; however, if you vary the leading (either with an explicit leading tag, or by changing point size in auto-leading), you will see that a line of large text followed by a line of smaller text will have less leading in between the two lines under the new leading than under legacy leading. (In severe cases, this can cause collisions, however, that is a consequence of the "baseline-to-baseline" leading model, which is also used by Adobe InDesign.) . Hope this information helps.

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