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Output PDF page number


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Thanks Thomas but...


I get over 10,000 pdf's weekly and I have a data field called "PD_GRAPHIC" that pulls them in so how can I revise what you wrote to use that field to count the pages?





I have no idea what you mean by "pulls them in". Does it create a 10,000 record input file you use in FusionPro? Where do you want the page numbers displayed?


Sample files showing your input and expected output would be helpful.

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Hi, my data has 10,000 records and the field "PD_GRAPHIC" has all the PDF names and I'm using that field to do a graphic image pull into a FusionPro letter.


I just want to use that same data field in FusionPro to return how many pages there are within the PDF and I'm going to print that number on the letter.


Hope that makes sense.

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