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Advanced Contextual functions in an OTF


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Does fusion pro handle the advanced contextual functions in an Open Type Font? I suspect if it does there is something I have to turn on.


There are character substitutions that would work well in hand written fonts. I have an alternate way of handling it now, but these functions would work better.


We are developing super realistic hand fonts. I've attached a sample of one. Yes, they don't look perfect, but who writes perfect. :)


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I assume you're asking about alternate glyphs, where there can be more than one representation of a character, as discussed in these threads:




The answer is, yes, you can access alternate glyphs in FusionPro. Although, as I noted in that second link above, it's not quite as straightforward as in static text in an app such as InDesign. since, in a FusionPro VDP job, both the text itself as well as the font can be variable.


If you're designing the fonts yourself, then your best bet is to put the alternate glyphs at their own character positions. Then you can call them out by their character codes, with the Chr() function or a numeric entity (as described in my post in the first link above).


If the glyphs do not have their own character codes, you can still then out by their glyph IDs in the font, with markup such as <unicode gid=true>****</unicode>, where **** is a four-digit hexadecimal glyph ID. Obviously, glyph IDs are specific to each font.

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