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Linked .eps will not display


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I have FP text and image objects that are layered on top of another background FP image. The text objects and raster images display both in preview and composed pdf but 2 placed vector eps's do not. Whether I link directly to the eps in Acrobat or use a Rule to insert still nothing. In the same graphic window if I select a raster image it displays perfectly. Do eps's need to be handled differently?



FP 9.2.26

Acrobat 9.55

Indesign CS5.5

Mac OS 7.5

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I've been testing with some progress...


As eps's they still do not show up in preview but when composed they started showing up (not certain why) but scaled to the page size in Illustrator not the bounding box of the art. I saved as pdf and they started showing up in preview but with the same scaling issue. Is there something in a rule that can force looking at the bounding instead of the page?

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Sorry for the lack of follow through but I got it working and production took over.


To resolve the issue of saving an Illustrator eps as pdf and the pdf holding onto the page size as opposed to the bounding box, within Acrobat in the Crop Pages dialog, selecting "remove white margins" crops the document to the bounding box of the object.


Once the bounding was corrected the files showed up in all previews and final files. The only thing to watch for is when uploading files to MarcomCentral you will need to deselect the placed pdfs because MC will error indicating only one pdf can be uploaded and that being the template itself.




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