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Copyfit single field

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I've got a text frame that includes:






Some of the clients dont have an OfficePhone, while some dont have a Cellphone, so "Supress if Empty" is on. However, some of their email addresses are too long to fit on their business card. Is there a way to shrink the long emails to fit on one line, and leave the other two fields untouched?


Thank you!

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The CopyfitEmail() function works by identifying the @ character and copyfitting everything to the right. If you want to copyfit the entire line, use the CopyfitLine() function instead. It is used in a similar manner, although there are some added attributes.

The basic function reads:


CopyfitLine(staticpart, dynpart, font, size, width, minimum, justwidth)


• staticpart – written as a string, this declares the text that should remain static and not be copyfitted.

• dynpart – written as a string, this declares the text that should be copyfitted.

• font – this is the name of the typeface to be used when copyfitting.

• size – this is the size of the text that is not to be adjusted or fitted.

• width – this is the width of the frame, in points.

• minimum – this is the minimum font size, in points, that should be used when copyfitting.

• justwidth – expressed as a boolean (true or false), this tells FusionPro to stretch the text’s width (true) or leave the width as-is (false).


The rule would look like this:


return CopyfitLine( Field(“email”), “Arial”, 12, 300, 8, true);


Change the font name and frame width as appropriate.



Or you can write your own Copyfit logic using the FusionProTextMeasure object.

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