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FP Imposer not allowing PageMedia settings


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I have a two page document that is being used as a base for an NCR job. Our laser operators want this to be programmed to call out the specific stock by name and other settings since one page of the ncr is cardstock and the other is just ncr paper. This is right up the alley for using the Advanced->PageMedia menu and defining what is needed in an external file.


The problem that I'm having is when I impose this document 3-up (or even just 1-up) FusionPro drops any PageMedia commands that I program to be sent in the postscript code at the beginning of each page. When I open the un-imposed postscript file in a text editor I can find the string

<</PageSize [612 792] /MediaColor (blue) /MediaType (plain) >>

but when I look at the imposed postscript file I cannot find that same string. I have the same problem when I use the PPD version to define the stocks that are being called.


Is this another bug? Or am I still missing something with this?


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So using "PageMedia" (which I do admit is a rather ancient method of doing a page selection) or the the PPD and JDF functions are completely useless when doing any form of imposition? Even when every template page imposed on "page 1" is tagged for "white stock" and everything on "page 2" is tagged for "blue stock"?


I would of at least expected some kind of postscript error to pop up stating some type of incompatibility rather than the entire command line simply being removed by FusionPro.


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Does anyone know what was the result of this post as I have a similar project coming up in which I will have 5 tray pulls for a coupon booklet which will be imposed 6 up on a sheet? Or should I create each of the 5 document pages already laid out 6 up so that there will have to be no imposition?
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