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QR Code issue?


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I'm having an issue getting my QR code to work as a graphic rule? I have herd that there is an issue with this in FusionPro 8 but I'm stuck there because Digital StoreFront dose not support anything hire than 8.0.20. I have FusionPro 8.1.2 but my files will not upload. I don't need help with that I have been around with efi already on that. Can anyone tell me if it is my JavaScript or if there is a work around. My rule validates okay so I'm not sure? I have been using FusionPro for about 7 years for printing but I'm new to QR codes and DSF? Any thoughts would be appreciated?


My Graphic Rule:

var NameRuleOrField = "Name";

var MainRuleOrField = "Tel";

var DirectRuleOrField = "Direct";

var MobilRuleOrField = "Cell";

var EmailRuleOrField = "Email_Format_Rule";

var WebsiteRuleOrField = "Web";


var info = {

N: RuleOrField(NameRuleOrField),

Main: OptionalRuleOrField(MainRuleOrField).replace(/\D/g,''),

Direct: OptionalRuleOrField(DirectRuleOrField).replace(/\D/g,''),

Mobil: OptionalRuleOrField(MobilRuleOrField).replace(/\D/g,''),

EMAIL: OptionalRuleOrField(EmailRuleOrField),

URL: OptionalRuleOrField(WebsiteRuleOrField),



var result = "";

for (var label in info)


if (info[label])

result += label + ":" + info[label] + ';';



return MakeQRBarcodeGraphic("MECARD:" + result + ";");

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