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Combine PDF Files and Add Barcode


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Good Morning,


I have a job that is more complex than I am used to. I spent some time searching the forum looking for similar questions but did not find anything yet.


The data for the job will contain PDF-A, PDF-B, PCode, ShipCode


Based on that data I need to retrieve PDF-A and PDF-B from a library of files and combine them into one PDF file. On the last page of that new file I need to add the PCode as text and the ShipCode as a code 3 of 9 barcode.


The pdf files in the library will all be of different page counts. So for example one line of data may create a final PDF with 176 pages and the next line of data may create a final PDF with 204 pages.


So - Is there a way to combine two PDFs based on the data and add content to the last page of that combined file when the page counts will vary for each file?


I am running FusionPro Desktop v7.2 (PC)


Thank you for your help.


Bob McGuire

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