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Shrink text in a variable, then truncate if necessary

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Is there a way to both shrink text to fit AND cut off text? I have a line including 2 variables for Doctor's Name and Department Name and rules for each one that give the user the ability to choose whether to show a line or to type in the name.

My trouble is coming in when the user chooses a blank line for the doctor, but types in an extremely long department name. This makes the line for the doctor's name shorter and shorter, which is a problem since the doctor's name will be hand-written into that space. I need a way to say "Shrink the department name to a minimum of 7pt, but only allow the variable to be a maximum of 2" long, if it's longer than that, start cutting off characters."

It would be helpful to be able to specify a width, rather than number of characters because depending on whether the text is shrunk or not it could be a different number of characters.


I have attached the files I'm working with, and illustrations of what I'm looking for.




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