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Problem to format phone number


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Hi !

I would like to format a French phone number (10 digits) this way: 01 52 93 44 05 (by adding a space every 2 digits).

As I'm totally new to JavaScript, I usually search informations on the forum to edit or modify existing rules to build mines, a way like another to try to understand the "language" but this time, the operation seems to be too complicated for the beginner I am…


I guess I must formulate "for the field "phone", pick the two first digits, then add a space, take the two followers, add another space and so on till digit number 8


Searching in the forum, I tried something like :

return FormatNumber("## ## ## ## ##", Field("Tel"));

but it didn't work…


As I don't want you to do the job instead of me, some informations to help me to find my way would be really appreciated !

Thank you !


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