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Multi-Line records using Regex matches

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Since upgrading to v13 one of my existing templates no longer works. It's a multi-line financial statement where I use 'matches' with a regular expression to start a new record. All the transaction lines start with dates formatted dd/mm/yyyy, I had been using ^(?!\d{2}).*$ which used to work fine.

I can't get any regex to work here now, I've tried just .* or ^.*$ , even trying a literal value that exists in the data doesn't work. The other types seem to be working ok eg 'starts with' and 'contains'.

Has anyone else seen this?


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6 hours ago, mark.arcane said:

Since upgrading to v13

... from what version?  What were you running previously?

6 hours ago, mark.arcane said:

no longer works

Can you be more specific?  What is the failure mode?  Does it not recognize any new records at all?  Or does it think every line is a record?

Can you post a minimal sample job that reproduces the problem?

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