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Numbering on NCR


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Hello all,


I've been a long time reader of these forums, but this is my first time needing to ask a questions I hadn't seen on these forums yet (at least, not that I could find).


I've been using "code" that esmith provided here for numbering my tickets and invoice orders that my shop prints digitally. It's worked great! However, I've now come up against a wall.


My employer wants me to try and use FusionPro for numbering NCR sheets now. From what I have seen, and what little I know of the software, I believe I could do just that, but here is the meat of the issue: The first slip of the NCR (white) has credit card information. The second slip (Yellow) has a scramble image on top of that area to conceal the credit card information. This means I need to have duplicate numbers for the white and yellow sheet so they are a pair.


Any thoughts on what I might be able to do?

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Not sure what you mean, exactly, tsghost.


I might not have explained in depth enough. I'm using FPImposer to create a 2up document that needs to be numbered from 1000-1500. With our equipment, and the way most NCR comes pre-packaged, I need to have what would be the 2 documents alternated (white 1000, yellow 1000, white 1001, yellow 1001), while maintaining a cutstack imposition for 2 5.5x8.5 sheets on a letter sized print.


I have the document already set up as a 2 page document, but with the script I provided in the link that I got from esmith's post, it has the first page (white) as 1001, and the second page (yellow) 1002.


Is there another script I can use? I apologize for not knowing where to do form here if this is a simple answer, I have had 0 training with the software :(

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You should be using the same rule on both pages. When you compose the template If your input is from 1001 to 1001 you should get a 2 page output file that is numbered 1001 on the first page and 1001 on the second page.


I have included a basic 2 page template that works as described.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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I think you need a script that "skips" numbers?


1st records would be 1000 on the white and then 1001 on the yellow.

2nd record would be 1002 on the white and then 1003 on the yellow.


This code shows where it could skip by 2 but it would need to start at 1000 and 1001.



return FormatNumber(LeadingZero, 2 * CurrentRecordNumber()) ;

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