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User Budgets

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I am trying to implement user budgets.

I turned on user budgets in options.

I added items with payment option set to user budget.

I edited users and added a budget amount.


I tried to place an order, that exceeds the budget and it went through.

Do these users have to be set to requisitioner? The budget only apply's to specific products not the entire catalog.



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The order actually completed, arived in the dashboard....


After a little research, I found even though default payment option was set to user budgets and these items were user budget only, it processed under purchase order. Other items in the storefront are billed seperatly to coorporate so that option is required as well.


I fiddled with a couple of things but it seems it was not until I reordered the payment options so User budgets was first that it captured that option, and now it works, and processing these items no longer works with anything other then budget dollars.


I tried a lot of things so I can't say for sure it was that change that made it work but that was the last thing i did before it started working properly.

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