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Old August 12th, 2021, 05:58 PM
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Default FusionPro VDP 12.1 Now Available

MarcomCentral® is proud to announce version 12.1 of the FusionPro® VDP Suite!

This release is a follow-up to our FusionPro VDP 11 launch, which introduced some major new functionality, as well as a new subscription pricing model.

The FusionPro® VDP product suite includes both Mac and Windows releases of FusionPro VDP Creator, as well as the Windows-based FusionPro VDP Producer and FusionPro VDP Server. With the new subscription model for FusionPro 11, FusionPro VDP Creator will now include FusionPro Expression for no extra charge.

New features and improvements include:
  • Quickly and easily templatize PDF files with text extraction.
  • Add partial transparency effect to images and text.
  • Ready to support 64-bit Acrobat Pro (tested against Adobe’s prerelease version)
  • Install to 64-bit program file and system locations on Windows.
  • Add Codabar, MSI Plessey, and UPC E/E1 barcodes with new barcode Form rules.
  • Producer and Server customers can change temp folder location.

New features and improvements in FusionPro VDP 12.1.2 include:
  • New Form Rule to make it easier to insert pages from PDF resources
  • Upload templates directly to FusionPro Server web services from the Creator
  • New option to preview templates in high resolution
  • Remember the zoom factor and the background color in Text Editor for each frame
  • Reset All option under the Palettes menu now resets palettes and dialogs positions

UPDATE: FusionPro VDP 12.1 has passed testing on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.
UPDATE: FusionPro VDP 12.1 has passed testing on macOS 12 (Monterey).
UPDATE: FusionPro VDP 12.1 has passed testing on macOS 13 (Ventura).
UPDATE: FusionPro VDP 12.1.2 adds support for Adobe InDesign 2022. Please see the FusionPro VDP 12.1.2 release notes. for more information.
UPDATE: FusionPro VDP 12.1.3 adds support for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2022 (on both Mac and Windows, including the 64-bit version on Windows). Please see the FusionPro VDP 12.1.3 release notes. for more information.

More information about new FusionPro features and pricing can be found at:

Look for even more new features in upcoming releases!

Additional information about the FusionPro VDP 12.1 release, feature set, and addressed issues can be found in the FusionPro VDP 12.1.2 release notes as well as the FusionPro VDP Software Version History page.

Upgrades and New Licenses

FusionPro VDP customers can download the version 12.1 release from the FusionPro VDP Software Download page.

Existing FusionPro VDP 11 and 12 subscription customers can upgrade to FusionPro VDP 12.1 for no extra charge, with their existing FP11 or FP12 serial number. (If you are not sure whether your FP11 serial number is subscription, please contact Support.)

If you are using FusionPro Creator versions older than FusionPro v11, please read our FAQs on information regarding FusionPro v11 and 12.

FusionPro VDP Producer/Server and MarcomCentral customers who are active on their maintenance are entitled to an upgrade of their FusionPro VDP software. FusionPro VDP Producer/Server customers can obtain their upgrades by contacting the FusionPro VDP Support team while MarcomCentral customers can contact their MarcomCentral Support representative to inquire about the upgrade.

Please note that pricing and upgrade eligibility may change at any time.

MarcomCentral Support of FusionPro VDP Creator 12.1 Templates

Templates from FusionPro VDP through version 12.1.3 are supported in the MarcomCentral application.
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