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Old February 18th, 2015, 09:00 AM
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Question how to center (or align right) table in textframe? (also QR-question)


For a customer I have to create a business card with a QR-code with a logo in it. The background color of the business card itself is 20% green, but the QR-code which is 100% green must have a white background.

My proposed solution was creating a table with background color white, where the table width is measured by content (found this solution here: http://forums.pti.com/showthread.php?t=3233). This works fine.

If I could position this table exact in the middle of my text frame, I could place a graphic frame in the same dimensions exact above it. In this graphic frame I would place the logo exact in the middle. Result should be a QR-code with white background and the company logo in the middle.

Somehow I don't manage to align the table into the textframe.

This is my code:

var Text = Rule("getQRcode2"); 
var PointSize = 7; 
var Font = "Helvetica";
var Color = "white";

var tm = new FusionProTextMeasure;
tm.pointSize = PointSize * 100;
tm.font = Font;

var myTable = new FPTable;
myTable.AddColumns(tm.textWidth + 100);
var theCell = myTable.AddRow().Cells[0];
theCell.PointSize = PointSize;
theCell.Font = Font;
theCell.ShadeColor = Color;
theCell.ShadePct = 100;
theCell.Content = Text;
theCell.Margins = { Top: 0, Bottom: -68, Left: 0, Right: 0 };

var X=myTable.MakeTags();
X += "<p leading=1> ";
return X;
Next step would be aligning the table rght-top, but with logo still in the middle of the QR-code.

Anybody a clue how to realize this? Thanks!
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Old February 18th, 2015, 09:56 AM
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Default Re: how to center (or align right) table in textframe? (also QR-question)

Referencing this comment, you could do something like this to align the table to the center:
var X = myTable.MakeTags().replace(/^\<table/, "<table alignment=center");
On a side note, leading is measured in 10th's of a point so if you're wanting the paragraph tag to have a leading of 1 point, it should be altered to be:
X += "<p leading=10> ";
Ste Pennell
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Old February 19th, 2015, 07:06 AM
jorgenbackus jorgenbackus is offline
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Default Re: how to center (or align right) table in textframe? (also QR-question)

Thanks! This did the trick. Now I also managed to align from the right top, putting a logo exact in the middle above the QR-code.

I copied the complete rule I used to align the QR-code, changed the input into a graphic resource. I calculated the margin-top by measuring the height of the QR-code / 2 minus the height of the logo / 2. Last step was aligning horizontally. I'm happy with these offline results. My phones can read these QR-codes perfectly.

Now I created a DSF template and uploaded it. Somehow DSF renders the QR-code in a different way, because when I create a business card online, the QR-code is not recognized by my phones. I'll create a separate thread for this one.
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