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Old October 5th, 2009, 05:31 PM
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Default Trying to create Static site

I am creating a microsite that is just the static end of a purl campaign. People who get a card with www.staticsite.com will be sent to this site. There is no list and no purls to create. I want the system to handle the collection of the data. Can this be done?

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Old October 8th, 2009, 08:14 AM
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Default Re: Trying to create Static site


This can easily be done in Links with use of a single-record "dummy list" and the use of the default URL field in a campaign. Here's some steps to follow to set this up:

1) Create a new campaign. Set the Host name to your base URL. e.g. "www.staticsite.com"

2) Create a dummy list. FusionPro Links campaigns require a list to be added. Since you are not creating PURLs for this campaign, you can create a 1 record list with 1 field in it that can be used to add to the campaign so it can be launched. Make a simple CSV file in Excel with 1 record and 1 field. For example, make a field "FirstName" in the Excel doc and have the value for record 1 be the word "default". It will look like this:


Upload this list to your campaign.

3) Upload your Microsite to the campaign that contains the form which will be used to collect the anonymous user data. This is a straight-forward upload process that's identical to any Microsite upload process for a Links campaign.

4) Create the PURL for your campaign. Select the field "FirstName" for the PURL generation. Download the resulting list file that contains the PURL from that Personalized URL section of the Campaign screen. You should see that your PURL in the downloaded list looks something like "www.staticsite.com/default".

5) Copy/paste this PURL into the "Default URL" field in the "Campaign" Section of the Edit Campaign screen.

6) Launch the campaign.

So what you will have is a campaign that users can visit by entering the base URL - www.staticsite.com (or whatever your base URL is). Since they are not entering a PURL (like "www.staticsite.com/JohnSmith"), the system will divert users to the "Default URL" for the campaign - which is the dummy PURL "www.staticsite.com/default". They will be able to view the Microsite and fill out the form on the site. This will all be captured in Links as form responses for your viewing/download as the campaign gathers responses. You'll also see the total number of visitors to the campaign as link responses (although, since these are anonymouse users vs. users responding to PURLs, you won't know who these visitors are unless they volunteer to fill out the form on the Microsite and you collect their contact information).

Hope this process makes sense. Also, your CPM should be able to assist with any additional questions you may have about the setup so please contact them if you would like to discuss further.
--Mark Hilger
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