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Old June 9th, 2009, 04:54 AM
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Default Spurious counts of link responses

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this

I'm running a live campaign, which has the dynamic page for valid URL links, and a default page. Throughout the campaign I've been perplexed by the high number of default responses. Now I've combined and analysed both sets of link response data, and I find that nearly half (425 of 922) the valid link responses are followed within 10 seconds by a link response to the default page.

In this campaign the URL links to a single page, from which the customer can click through to a dedicated page on the client's website - so there is no 'form' for data capture. When the customer clicks through, the FPLinks page creates a URL which includes a membership number, which the client requires to be masked; the click-through can be made from many parts of the page, so the click-through is generated by a form, method=post, action=http://website/? then input=hidden name=REG value=[mem_no].

Yesterday and today I was able to force the creation of the spurious count on the default link. Today, having succeeded the first time by entering the link, then clicking through to the client site, I could not make it happen again, using different URLs, sessions or browsers from the same machine.

If I could use the extra default link counts as an indication of click-throughs that would actually be really helpful. Yet it does not appear to be consistent.

I'd appreciate your thoughts to help me understand the behaviour, and how better to handle this in future campaigns (not least because the client is questioning the high count of default responses!)

Thank you

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Old July 8th, 2009, 08:52 AM
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Default Re: Spurious counts of link responses

Hello Nick,

Curious to know if you are still having this issue. Have you reported it to your CPM? If not, please do so and they will look into it further and enter a case for it if there is an issue.

--Mark Hilger
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