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Old August 21st, 2015, 12:05 PM
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Default Horizontal Alignment Formatting Rule

I'm getting some strange behavior from a rule I have written, and I'm wondering if anybody can tell me why.
I have a business card that allows the user to upload a headshot. It is not required, so if the user decides not to upload one, I want to horizontally center align a textframe.
This is the rule I have written to do so:
if(Field("HeadShot") == "")
   return '<p quad=C>' + Rule("RuleNameToUpper");
   return Rule("RuleNameToUpper");
The rule RuleNameToUpper simply puts the Name field in all caps. I then inserted that rule into the textframe that I want to center align.

I've tested it and it works as expected, except for one part. If the user does not upload a headshot, the textframe center aligns, but the font size is decreased. I've tried conditionally setting the font size with:
<z newsize="32">
//this is as big as I can go before getting the "red bar of death" at the bottom of the textframe.
But I can't get it the same size as the font if the user does upload a headshot. Here's the strange part: The font size set for that text frame is 12, and fills the entire height of the text frame.

This is how it looks when the user does not upload a headshot.
This is how it looks when the user does upload a headshot.

I'm not sure how or why when the user does not upload a headshot, the font size decreases. Any ideas for a fix would be greatly appreciated.
Ryan Boever
FusionPro VDP Designer 9.3.36
Adobe Acrobat XI 11.0.07
Windows 10
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