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Old March 15th, 2010, 12:16 PM
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Default Pass query string through pURL

Is it possible to pass a query string from my URL into a form field?

For example www.landingpage.com/johndoe?name=test
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Old August 31st, 2011, 07:53 PM
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Default Re: Pass query string through pURL

Same question here. This is my situation:

I have a client that will send customers to a FP Links GURL through an email link. The link carries a query string (http://[gurl address]?id=12345) so that when they land on the page I can parse the id # from the URL with Javascript and populate a hidden field that identifies the responder. When the user submits the form, the ID would be carried to the reports where the client can see who responded how.

I would normally use a PURL for this, but the data comes in ones and twos everyday on an ongoing basis. It's too much overhead to update a list and generate PURLs everyday. When a query string is attached to a URL my client controls, I only have the initial setup of the landing page—nothing like an every day kind of thing.

So what I find when I attach a query string to the GURL address and send the browser to it is (weirdly) a login screen to my instance of FP Links. That seems like a bug.

I also tried using a hash in the URL, like http://[gurl address]#id-12345. The redirect (forwarding) of the GURL drops the hash completely. The way FP links is setup denies this kind of access. The user clicks or types in an address that's pretty, but the server redirects to some crazy long URL. If that redirect didn't happen, the hash would stick—and work.

So my question is, am I missing something? Is there a way to pass a value to the landing page via URL? Also, knowing what my situation is, anyone have a better solution?

Thanks in advance!
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