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Old March 21st, 2010, 08:24 AM
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Default Feature Request

Sitting here hammering away at a template for a customer (changes, always want changes...) and this thought struck me:

It would be really handy, if when I click on the "Preview" button in my Admin panel, I could call up previous customer entered data. I don't know how/if you could link to past orders, but, say I'm uploading a template to an existing item that has an order history (again, my customer is always massaging their biz-cards). I click on "Preview", and a new window pop's up showing me the template. I have to manually enter data into the fields (time consuming), even though my browser can remember, I only have to enter the first few letters.... It's still a time consuming process when you're banging on these things all day long.
Additionally, many of the adjustments I have to make, are to accommodate a particular situation brought about by said customer (their newest salesman, Msr. Fettuccini Alfredo GuantanamoBay, III Ph.D., ASPCAA, SIGMA SIXTEEN CANDLES doesn't want his name truncated...), and it's always something different, so I have a half-dozen or so collections of data that prove to be the most troublesome. I program them into my Flat-File as I they come up, but what I 'preview' on my Mac, and once the template is uploaded, isn't always the same. It would be great if I could get a pop-up, or a search field (ala 'fill form' feature on the live site), to comb through previous orders, and prefill all of the data fields for me (so I could search out my troublesome clients, and 'test' them before publishing the template to the live store). Even if it was something akin to the "library" feature, where I could store the 'troublesome' data sets to quickly/easily call them up and preview them against the new/changed template...

- Mac

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Old March 22nd, 2010, 06:58 AM
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Default Re: Feature Request


Great idea - thanks for submitting it to us. We actually have some enhancement currently underway for the preview screen of items in the MarcomCentral Manager regarding the data used in the preview. I've entered case FPW-17508 for this and also let your CPM know about this so you can follow-up with them.

Thanks for the request!
--Mark Hilger
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