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Old November 1st, 2019, 10:54 AM
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Default shift Tab between Phone and email

Trying to split the phone number and email in a rule. I have created a if else statement so that if the email is missing the phone will center and if the phone is missing the email centers. I just can not get the last part to work. where generally in most programs if you hit tab shift it will equally split them.
Is there a way to code this with a tag.

here is the code I put together.
if (Field("Phone") < 1) {
return '<center>'+Field("Email")+'</center>';
} else if (Field("Email") < 1 ) {
return'<center>'+ Rule("phone format Rule1")+'</center>';
} else {
return '<p br=false quad=L>'+Field("Phone")+'<p br=false quad=R>'+Field("Email");

this is an example

208-371-9041 Ole@DirectOrthocare.com

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Old November 1st, 2019, 03:25 PM
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Default Re: shift Tab between Phone and email

Change the 14400 to whatever your frame width is (or just slightly under). Value is inches times 7200.

if (Field("Phone") && Field("Email"))
    return '<p br=false quad=L tabstops="0;14400,Right">' + Field("Phone") + '<t>' + Field("Email");
    return '<p br=false quad=C>' + Field("Phone") + Field("Email");
Explanation of whats happening here.

First you are evaluating if there is a value in both fields, if so then you are replacing the default tabstops with only a right aligned stop at the edge. Then placing the value of both fields separated by a tab.

If both fields do not have values, then you are replacing alignment with center and returning the value of both fields, only one of which will have something in it.

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