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Old November 29th, 2012, 10:56 AM
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Question Fonts Not Recognized By Fusion Pro

Someone please help me. I have been using Fusion Pro & Marcomm Central since February and am experiencing font problems for the first time.

I am on a Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 laptop. Fusion Pro Desktop version 7.2P1K. CS 5.5. I also have CS 4.0, CS 5.0 and CS 6.0 installed, but I am using 5.5 with Fusion Pro. I install all fonts our clients use as I work on their files. I do not use Suitcase or another program.

I had both Open Type & True Type fonts installed for multiple versions of Myriad Pro. Fusion Pro recognized all version except for Semibold.

I've done the following:
1.) Uninstalled Open Type versions
2.) Rebooted.
3.) Reloaded all fonts in Fusion Pro

1.) Uninstalled True Type versions
2.) Rebooted
3.) Installed Open Type fonts
4.) Reloaded all fonts in Fusion Pro

1.) Uninstalled Open Type versions
2.) Rebooted
3.) Installed True Type versions
4.) Reloaded all fonts in Fusion Pro

Then, from a previous post,
1.) I deleted all fonts in crogram files\fusion pro\fonts
2.) Restarted Fusion Pro
3.) Reloaded all fonts

After every attempt above, the only versions available in Fusion Pro were Myriad Pro Regular and Myriad Pro Light. Fusion Pro is no longer even recognizing the versions it was recognizing (Bold, Condensed, etc.). In Design and my other CS programs (5.5 & 6) as well as Microsoft programs are recognizing the fonts.

From the previous post, I also saw that there was a font error file. I checked this file and there is NO mention of any Myriad or Myriad Pro fonts.

Do any of you have a fix or suggested solution?
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