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Default Re: Quark 8 Poll - poll open

Thanks, pmhapp.

We have a huge Mac install base for Desktop and will continue to support the Mac platform on an equal footing with our Windows support as best we can.

The problem is, Apple consistently changes what developers need to do to support the Mac OS. Within the lower-level codebase of FusionPro, for example, we have some code that we wrote for Windows NT a decade ago that still works like a charm under Windows 7. Yet we have some code we wrote for the Mac OS just a few years ago which needs to be scrapped and re-written to support the latest requirements for the Mac OS. This code itself was a re-write from an earlier chunk of code we had for the Mac OS.

The cost of development and QA strictly concerning OS support on the Mac over the years is literally hundreds - if not thousands - of times more expensive for us. There's not much we can do about this (unless anyone has any pull in the Apple development roadmap and can help ensure that the code we write today will work under Mac OS 10.7, 10.8, etc).

Still, we recognize the needs of our customers to offer Mac support and we will to meet that need regardless of the extra time and cost required.

Hope this perspective helps understand where Printable stands on Mac support and some of the challenges we face here. It's a cost of doing business but a necessity.

Thanks for your post on this.
--Mark Hilger

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