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Default External JS updates not recognized by FP template in 9.3

Prior to 9.3 I have been able to link to an external JS file for all my code with template rules used to call to these more detailed functions. If I made changes to the external file, I could simply update the JS file without having to re-collect the FP template -- a nice time saver for quick changes.

Since updating to 9.3, I am no longer able to make changes to this file and have the FP template recognize the changes on the next composition. Instead, I now have to collect the job again (despite nothing changing in the template itself) in order for the revised code to be applied.

Is PTI aware of this change? If so, is it intentional? I'm guessing that the Assets file may be to blame, but I don't have a way of reading it's contents. I am considering reverting backwards to re-gain this preferred functionality.
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