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Default Re: Page Number & Rules

Step your code helped me figure out my mistake!
Looks like I just needed to set my code to re-evaluate for every text flow so that it would actually call the page number rather than always using page 1 as the result.

Could this theory be applied to a set of OMR marks (essentially a table with borders that change from 3-fin marks on page 1 and 2-fin marks on pages 2-N)?

I am using this code to apply the marks:
 //Create 3-Fin OMR Mark using tables and borders
new FPTable;
var OMR = new FPTable;
 OMR.Rows[0].minHeight = 1800; //specified in hundredths of a point
OMR.Rows[0].Cells[0].SetBorders("Medium", "Black", "Top");
OMR.Rows[0].Cells[0].Content = "";
 OMR.Rows[1].minHeight = 1800; //specified in hundredths of a point
OMR.Rows[1].Cells[0].SetBorders("Medium", "Black", "Top");
OMR.Rows[1].Cells[0].Content = "";
 OMR.Rows[2].minHeight = 1800; //specified in hundredths of a point
OMR.Rows[2].Cells[0].SetBorders("Medium", "Black", "Top");
OMR.Rows[2].Cells[0].Content = "";
 return OMR.MakeTags();
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