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Default FusionPro & MarcomCentral: Design and Development Solutions

Graphic Design
  • Print and Email Design & Asset Creative
  • FusionPro & MarcomCentral Preparation
  • MarcomCentral Storefront Design
FusionPro Template Execution
  • Advanced JavaScript Development
  • External JavaScript Support
  • MarcomCentral Preparation
MarcomCentral Development & Administration
  • Template Development & Asset Management
  • Storefront Web Development & Administration
ExactTarget Email Marketing
  • Email Design & Asset Creative
  • Email Development
  • Email Client Coding and Design Standards
  • 6+ Years Graphic Design & Web Development Experience
  • 2+ Years FusionPro & MarcomCentral Solution Experience
  • 2+ Years ExactTarget & Email Marketing Experience

I deliver high quality design and development solutions and am available for rapid development projects as well as longer-term projects.

Please, contact me via email with questions or for project estimates and quotes.

Kevin Barthelme
Fargo, North Dakota, US
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