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Default Need Square Bullets

I am working on a flyer that requires blue square bullets for a list of items. I have tried wingdings, Times New Roman and other typefaces. We've also tried html codes as well. It seems no matter what we do, the square bullet will not populate.

If we put the square bullet using wingdings directly into the text box, it does work and populates, however, as soon as it becomes apart of a rule, it simply outputs an 'n' (the equivalent in another typeface). When composing, it tells me Wingdings is not available, even though it is, and is listed as OK under fonts used and outputs the hand entered content directly into the text box.

I don't care what typeface or format is used, as long as I can create a square bullet, in a different color than the text.

Here is the current rule code:

var outstr='', item='', itemName='';

for (item=1; item<11; item++) {
if (Field("OpList" + item).length > 0)
outstr += "<p>" + "<color name=Blue>" + "<f name=\"Wingdings\">" + 'n' + "</f>" + '<t>' + "<color name=Black>" + Field("OpList" + item);

return cleanRichText(outstr + "<p>");
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