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Default Re: How to compose a range of records?

I haven't tried to do this, but I think you should be able to do it within an OnRecordStart rule. It would be a pretty conveluded "if-else" statement and combine this a "FusionPro.Composition.composeThisRecord = false;" and you should be able to specify a range that you want. However, it wouldn't be in the actual composition menu, you would have to compose the entire file to do this - or at least enough to cover your range values.

FusionPro.Composition.composeThisRecord = false;

If (CurrentRecordNumber() == 2) {
...FusionPro.Composition.composeThisRecord = true;
else if ((CurrentRecordNumber() >= 345) && (CurrentRecordNumber() <= 351)) {
...FusionPro.Composition.composeThisRecord = true;
else if ..... and so on

This way you only turn on the value to compose that specific record if it is within your range values in the if statements.
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