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Arrow How to compose a range of records?

Let's say that, through the course of a normal variable-data newsletter operation, some of the newsletters get mangled in the tabber after another flawless print run out of FusionPro. Or they get crushed in the folder/creaser. Or they get trimmed wrong. So, say in a 1,000-record job, I need to reprint records 2, 345-351, 657, and 987-998.

Is there an easy way to print a complex range of records in FusionPro? All I get in the Composition Settings Dialog box for Input is
[ ] ALL; or,
[ ] ____ to ____.

As it stands now, if I had the problem in the example above, I'm composing 4 files, one for 2, one for 345-351, one for 657, and one for 987-998, then I'm combining those all into one PDF file for reprinting.

I'm thinking that there's GOT to be a better way to do this. I can go back in and edit my source CSV file, and then save it as the "repairs" file, but that's a kludge.

I would LOVE to be able to specify a range of records to print, just like printing pages from InDesign or Quark XPress. In a multi-page document, I can specify printing pages: 2, 345-351, 657, 987-998. And it will print JUST those pages.

If there's NOT a way to do this currently, can I humbly submit this for a feature request in future versions? (Like 6.1 ?)

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