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Default Rectangular Data Matrix - Poste Italiane


I'm having trouble getting a data matrix to show as a rectangular barcode (required by Poste Italiane).

I've changed the format but it still views as a square barcode.

My current rule:

var FieldOrRuleToEncode = "IBARCODE";
var EncodingMode = "ASCII";
var PreferredFormat = "29";
var PointSize = StringToNumber("6 pt");
var NoFontTag = false;
var Font = "IDAutomationDMatrix";
var ProcessTilde = false;

var DataToEncode = FieldOrRule(FieldOrRuleToEncode);
return MakeDataMatrixBarcode(DataToEncode, ProcessTilde,
EncodingMode, PreferredFormat,
PointSize, NoFontTag, Font);

Are rectangular data matrix barcodes possible in FusionPro?

Thank you
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