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My apologies. I guess I wasn't being clear. There is no imposition on this job. Each record gets 6 letter-size pages duplexed on 3 sheets of paper as output. For our inserter equipment to properly read the barcode, a portion of the barcode must read 0103, 0203, and 0303 (sheet 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3). This tells the inserter when it is done with one record and can fold and insert, and move on to the next set. However, this code produces 0003 for every page. We checked it with a barcode scanning app known to work. It scans just fine, but the value returned is not what we need.

As a test of what currentPageNumber returns, I made a simple rule and inserted it into the cellphone.pdf tutorial piece:
var CurrPage = FusionPro.Composition.currentPageNumber;
return CurrPage;
When I click validate on that rule, it shows "1". When I preview it and when I compose it, it shows "0". It seems to me that it isn't returning what I think it should be.

I am new to these forums and am hesitant to post customer data and/or art in this public space. However, we did send it to Alex at Marcom support on Friday, but his response was word-for-word the same as your initial post here and we haven't heard a response to my follow-up.

If we weren't under a time crunch on this project, I wouldn't be following both methods of inquiry.

Thanks for your assistance.
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